Saturday, April 12, 2008

try a little tenderness

stayed at this kids house all thurday and friday night to take care of some thingszszz. there are plenty of snap shot pictures i just don't feel like putting them up. these ones are of ben today as we made our way from his crib in bk to PeLhaM.

did some editing to this obviously because it looked shitty in its original form

made the skateboard float for a minute

dunno dunno

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

your full of shit, shit, shitshitshitshit

well i had a long and stressful day in downtown brooklyn, and then went to
these pricks crib. after kicking it for quite some time eatin bbq stuff some fools
went skating and some fools didnt and then some fools went to manhattan with
tash and dre to get some shit

lookin clean

thanks to matt for the burgers and hot dogs
couldnt have done it without you

kev was bein all sorts of cool expressions

ian appeard out of the wall to chill

kevin likes to kick it

mike leaning back

tosh had to get film in manhattan and asked if we wanted to join
tosh is also a sweet driver

some men in brooklyn

ian on the left and kev on the right, and me the tallest guy gets bitch..

the sun was too good

tight and then i bounced at 23rd st and made my way home
on that stupid 5

o yea im tryin to take more pics these days