Monday, July 14, 2008


high five?


johns girl mayda

and ofcourse The great captain James Mcgarry

attic spot low lighting situations

ian and cody in the park

cat and bed

these last pictures look shitty becuase i took about 7 photos then rewound the film back to the first frame and took new ones. You can only tell in the last one there are windows on the right side of the photo

I'm not

these photos as u can tell are pretty old, some over a month old and most probably saw them through facebook. i don't take pictures as much because i have a really shitty schedule right now. i get up at 7:30 and head to the train for an appointment every morning. i don't get home till about 12:30pm and then only have 3 hours before work, and then i get home and go to sleep. so basically i am a slave to those 3 things. this leaves no time to take pictures, see my friends, or ride/fix my bike which needs fixing badly, the 3 things i actually love to do. hope to see some people soon.

this is from memorial day i think, ian came for the day

4 good men

yea these are really old being that my bros moved out of bed-stuy

shortest book ever i can never finish it

on the manhattan bridge over downtown/china town

there are a bunch of others and even more black and white photos from captain james' boat adventure on the long island sound but this site was acting up and didnt let me upload